Riders of the Sierra Madre

Riders of the Sierra Madre is a Canadian-owned adventure tourism company that specializes in motorcycle tours of Mexico. After a competitive analysis and user research, Riders of the Sierra Madre decided to redesign and develop a brand new website that would better appeal to their target demographic and make it easier and more attractive for visitors to learn about their tours and make a reservation. The target audience for this website was retirees in their 60s and 70s who may or may not be computer savvy. This fact informed the design and the development in equal measure. The result was a website that makes extremely clear how to book a tour, where the tours go, and beautifully featured adults in their golden years enjoying motorcycle adventures.

From a development standpoint the most challenging part of this website was the booking form which can be pre-populated from different pages throughout the website depending on where the users decide to book their trip. This was accomplished in part by using the WordPress REST API in combination with the website URL’s query parameters.

Another challenge was the tour map feature which enables the backend administrator to quickly search locations in the Google Map API from a custom input field and add them to an overall tour route. The administrator can easily customize the order of the tour stops and whether or not to add a map marker. The maps are also branded via the Map API to match the company’s overall brand colours.

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